It turns out there is nothing more ugly or exhausting than anger.

Anger makes you smoke more, eat less.
Anger makes you less tolerant of illegible fonts & bad kerning.
Anger makes you stomp feet and slam doors.
Anger makes you less inclined to do your hair in the morning.
Anger makes you cancel plans, cancel plans, cancel plans.
Anger makes nights longer, darker & full of terror.
Anger makes enemies of previously-friendly security guards.
Anger makes you look like a stranger, etching strain on your bones.

But the worst thing you can do is hope for anger to go away.
Because anger is a vengeful bitch.
And she leaves anger-shaped holes & scars in everything you wanted for yourself and thought you could get.
To rub salt in the wound, she tells you everyday, that you’re an idiot.

So you’re left skinnier & nastier.
Friendless & sleepless.
Heartsick & heavy-hearted.

Just as angry.
Only with more holes.


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