Lost and Never Found

– The patience I had 10 years ago.
– The 26″ waist.
– The black strapless dress that used to be my favourite.
– The confidence that I could do anything, and go anywhere.
– The fuzzy turquoise comfort-socks.
– The SIM card that welcomed me home every year.
– The friendship that wasn’t really friendship after all.
– The memories of that night of too-many-pitchers of unrecognisable-too-sweet-alcohol.
– The time to write what I want to.
– The voice that begged me to not light that (first) cigarette 5 years ago.
– The time I spent mindfucked over you. Douchebag.
– The willpower that led me to buy a 15-month gym membership.
– The love of floral prints.
– The faith that some unexpected life-changing magic is hiding in a corner, just waiting to go “Boo!”

The right words. But they’ll come back eventually. Better written.


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