To You – Because 2012 Is Almost Over.

My S.O,

This has not been a good year for you. 2012 has been a failure of epic proportions. You have known frustration&resentment&disappointment&anger- and you have reaped few rewards. Because I share your emotions, the way I share your french fries, I have known all the same feelings too.

But like I know your bad feelings, I have shared in your good. And I feel that at the almost-end of this terrible year, you need reminding of the good.


You should remember the feeling of watching Eminem sing, and how he brought back your childhood in a rush of memory. You should remember that night last weekend, when we drove home at 2-something am, blaring Swedish House Mafia, feeling exhilarated&free, and anticipating a DreamlandDay. You should remember our shared Bombay Summer; the walks and the chai, the coffee & the kingfisher. You should remember how you’re permanently entangled with two of my 2012 milestones; my tattoo and my job. You should know that I never glance at my tattoo without thinking of you; the you who held my hand through it, the you who helped my doodle&draw it minutes before it was inked. You should know that I never come into work without thinking of you; the you who drove me to interviews, waited patiently till I was done and had celebratory smokes with me afterwards.


You should remember the old friends you’ve reconnected with this year; the music you’ve made and the conversations you’ve had. The stories you’ve told and the histories you’ve laughed over. You should remember the multiple ways they have individually told you that you were like a brother. You should remember these same friends who outdid themselves buying you drinks for your birthday, ignoring me when I told them to stop, and insisting that is how men show love; piling you with too much alcohol, and none of them what you were actually drinking.


You should know that when I said last night that you’re beautiful and that I love you, it was the most honest thing I’d said or thought all day.

You should know that I have big hopes for next year; 2013 has personally told me that even if it doesn’t give you all that you want, it will make you stronger. And that’s never a loss.

You should also know that my 2012 has been wonderful primarily because of you.


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