Reminder: Be Awesome.

The good parts about my job are the people, the space, and (because I am, after all, a woman who worships shoes) the money. The bad part about the job is that I started to feel (pretty soon, to be honest) that I was losing tiny bits of my identity that I actually liked (read: loved). Working on a government research project means heels, tightly bound hair and rummaging in a bohemian closet for anything that made me look adult.

Last week, I met an aunt who saw me straight after work and squealed, “You look like such a grownup! No more flip flops and things for you, eh?” She meant it as a compliment filled with love, but a part of my heart cracked a little.

So now, in tiny subtle ways, I’m making an effort to retain my me-ness. Small things like long strings of orange and yellow beads. Like bringing in my bright blue Di-mug instead of the office’s standard white china. Like taking the time to write for myself again; early in the morning, while lights are still being switched on, and colleagues are stumbling into the door. Like sending the S.O haiku’s and fairytales in between spreadsheeting and battling with the printer. Like tying a bright silk scarf to the handle of my sturdy brown bag. Like my insistence on tuning into the retro radio station and playing it all day long. Like refusing to have anyone make me coffee, despite plentiful offers; I dont even ask my mother to do that for me. Like pinning doodles and song lyrics to my message/bulletin board. Like talking to the S.O every night and trying to swallow down the work talk. Instead, focusing on all the other things that make us, us. Like twisting my hair in bands and pins of bright pinks and electric blues. Like scribbling postcards and licking down envelopes in my lunchbreaks. Like meeting friends for lattes and moroccan tea straight after work despite being bone tired – because I refuse to be one of those people who forget how to separate themselves from their 8 to 5. Like writing sweet nothings to the S.O on post-it’s in between designing websites and corporate presentations. Like getting my boss to eat chocolate chip cookies when he’s on a health kick than involves fruit for lunch.

Remembering the favourite parts of you is a good thing. It’s making sure you keep them alive that’s beautiful.


9 thoughts on “Reminder: Be Awesome.

  1. Hoorah! Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! I’m all for keeping the ‘You’ in you, and letting your heart-light and your unique-light shine out for others to see. It is your ‘self’ that will bring change to the world and I applaud your efforts to remember yourself in a world where conformity is norm. Bravo!

    1. Thank you, seekingcat! It’s true, isnt it? That conformity is a norm? Sad, but true. While big change and steps are well and…yay, I always thought it was better to start small, and progress. Hopefully one day, the norm will be NOT to conform. What a “heart-light” and “unique-light” filled world that would be!

  2. Good for you! It’s so important to still maintain your sense of identity- especially in the workplace. Once I worked for a place where the dress code was very strict- white polo shirts and black pants. It drove me crazy! So, I’d sneak in colorful socks or jewelry or my red shoes to let my personality shine through the boring black and white.

    1. Red shoes! Whee, good for you! Red shoes are my weakness, and you bringing that up makes me think of mine. Which Im going to dig out and defiantly wear next week. Its amazing though, isnt it? How colour can do so much in helping personality shine through?

      1. Yeah, it is. I love bright colors! I’ve been in a bit of a hot pink mode lately- it seems to be the only color I’ve picked up on the clearance racks or thrift shops I’ve been too. At least now I have a job where I can where pretty much anything I feel like- from sweats to dresses, as long as I’m covered up appropriately 🙂

      2. Arent you lucky?! Id love to come to work in sweatpants, it would make waking up at the crack of dawn so much more comfortable! Hot pink has been one of my recent favourites too, but its painfully hard to find somehow. So I just make a grab for it whenever I spot it, and then glare at anyone who thinks of grabbing it away from me. Im slowly building up my turquoise collection too – it’s such a happy…rich colour 🙂

  3. No one can ever take you away from you. You may blend in in some aspect, but you will always shine in that bit of you that’s YOU! Yes to the bright beads and bobby pins! And yes to latte after work 🙂 See ya over the weekend… ❤

  4. You are mostest beautiful. Ever. Your entire littleness is filled with beauty and wonder. Whatever and wherever your dark spaces may be, I am convinced they are beautiful to behold too.

    Now, here’s a kissie for you my midget (nasties grin) :-*

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