why you are missed.

1) I have no-one to fight with.

2) And then have fun making up with post-fight.

3) I have no-one to put their hand on the small of my back when I’ve had too much to drink.

4) Or to share the last cigarette with (although I have – allegedly- quit those.)

5)  I have no-one who’ll be willing to spend far too long discussing TV shows or movies with.

6) Especially The Hunger Games, when I really wanted a viewpoint from someone (you) who didnt finish the trilogy in 3 sleepless days (me).

7) And because when I think about it, you dont even know that I watched The Hunger Games. And you wont be around when Game of Thrones Season 2 comes out, despite the fact that we promised to try and watch it together.

8) I have no-one to reminisce with about the Game of Thrones. And how we watched the entire season in a trance of junk food, smoking and restlessness to know what would happen next.

9) Because there’s no-one to hound me about my weight anymore. Although, to be fair, you remember to bring it up in all our long-distance correspondence so far.

10) Also, Im losing track of all the things we’re supposed to do, watch, see, eat, drink. I should really start writing it down as soon as I hear you say, “When I’m back we should…” or when I say, “When you’re back, we have to…”

11) Im going to stop here, because I like odd numbers. And because we’re all a little odd, and so is life. And when you find someone who’s oddness is compatible with yours, you join together in mutual oddness and call it love.



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