A Field Guide to Being Found.

Everyone, yes everyone, at some point in their lives, will get lost. It doesn’t matter how, it doesnt matter where. But you will get lost.

It is one of life’s inevitable, albeit unfortunate, truths. Its how eating too much ice-cream will give you brainfreeze, how popcorn kernels will get stuck in your teeth, how your palms will start to sweat when faced with the object of your affections. These are not pleasant things. But they are things we know. They all exist to make up the reassuring knowledge that there is no such thing as a perfect life.

And that eventually, at some point of your life, you will find yourself lost.

Wandering, grey, lackluster. Unable to find a way out or in.

You will also find yourself found. The world has a way of righting itself just as soon as you’ve decided to understand why it went wrong. The brainfreeze will dissipate, and you’ll find the taste of mint chocolate chip on your tongue. The kernels will pop themselves out, and honestly, it was a small price to pay for all that noisy saltiness. Your palms may be sweaty, but you’ll soon discover that his/her palms are sweaty as well.

You will be found. Maybe someone will find you. Someone you meet briefly outside a place you don’t remember, and soon, he/she becomes the person who knows all your secrets. He/she becomes the person who makes it all clear. Maybe some amber liquid and the 3am lights of Piccadilly Circus will lay out a path.  Maybe you will find a book in a charity book. You buy it because of the cover and it changes your life. You wonder how you were ever lost, when the tattered pages in your hands make it so easy to live.

Best of all, maybe you’ll find you. You’ll find yourself in pajamas, chai in one hand, cigarette in the other, dancing around the room to passion pit. You’ll find yourself when immersed in a purple kindle, large type dancing in on its screen, painting pictures in your mind. You’ll find yourself during a conversation with an old friend, who knows your dirty laundry and treats it with the respectful indifference of the past. You’ll find yourself while swimming laps of the butterfly, almost dying, but really, surviving. You’ll find yourself, anywhere, doing anything.

As long as you really want to discover the (old or new) way home.

Inspired by Nick Flynn.


3 thoughts on “A Field Guide to Being Found.

  1. Again, very insightful and inspirational. Thanks for writing what you write!
    Keep it up please 🙂

  2. Jeff : Thank you; that’s what I think of all your posts as well.

    Jocie: Thank you; Your posts are inspirational as well. So you focus on keeping it up too 🙂

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