why you’re awesome.

dear stud muffin,

over a year ago, the relationship i thought would last forever ended. i got a whole bunch of life lessons out of it, i even learnt to love the right way. but the most valuable thing i got out of it, was you. in the past, i have spent a great deal of time hating him – but even then, i had to begrudgingly admit…if he didn’t exist in my world, neither would you.

see, the thing is, i dont remember ever being as proud of anyone – not even myself – as i have been of you. like i told you today – you don’t give yourself enough credit. i have often yelled at my mother, who herself has bragged of your achievements; you’re my friend, i own full bragging rights. she doesn’t.

you have always been one of my good guys. those painfully few stable male forces; i have rarely ever felt miserable in your presence.

i feel unsettled this year. on the alarmingly long list of people i had to meet this summer, you were in the top 3. i met you. i hugged and kissed you. i heard you sing. you let me smoke. we laughed at your cat. you held my hand as you navigated me across the road. we introduced each other to the music we’ve loved this past year, sitting and podding in comfortable silence.we were the same old awesomeness we’ve always been.

but it wasnt enough. ive returned from an almost picture-perfect trip, with this strange feeling that i havent done something important. something i really should have done more of – spend more time with you. im greedy that way.

im greedy with the people i love.

neither of us are very good at the keeping-in-touch thing. it’s become worse now. i live on a whole other continent. and you’ve recently joined our elite club of super-smart scholarship studs (i’d like to bring in the Masters thing, but it would ruin the alliteration). we’re busier than we’ve ever been. something i never thought would happen.

but like ive told you multiple times this weekend; i might not be winning any awards for being a great friend anytime soon, but i love you. and just because i havent told you this enough – i will always give you the credit you don’t give yourself. you’re the bravest person i know, and in the years ive known you, i dont remember you doing anything that hasnt made me think “dude, you’re such a stud.”

cos, hey. once a stud muffin, always a stud muffin.

p.s i also consider it a sign that the only feline ive ever felt affection for is your crazy cat.

p.p.s we had pondicherry and decoction. and maybe not this year, but we will have more, oh-so much more.





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