waves of joy drifting through my open mind.


Of late, no matter how yay&normal we’ve been, I began to sense the faint shadow of an elephant lurking in the room. He followed us everywhere. You never seemed to sense him. I was the one being taunted. He force-fed me uncertain doubts till I was nice and stuffed – bursting to the brim with doubtful uncertainty.


“Play something”, you ask.
“The Beatles something?”, I ask back.
“No, please. Enough of The Beatles”
“WHAT then?”
“Whatever. Play whatever”

I considered being snarky and telling you I didnt know that song, but decided that would just be an exercise in futility. Instead, I pondered on my comfort song; that song that’s always been. For as long as I can remember, Ive played “Across the Universe” for clarity. Concentrating on the beautiful words gives room for my thoughts to adjust themselves. That has always been one of “my songs”.

“A” “c” – the keyboard clickety-clicked my gnawing frustration and the anticipation of relief.
“Oh wait! I have the perfect song! Yeah, we should listen to that, perfect”
“Fine. Backspace. Backspace. What? Whats this perfect song?”
“Across the Universe”


Doubts? Uncertainty?

What’s that?


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