when “G” seems to be the favourite letter.

gossip with ss. gin with astro. the existence of a g-man. girl talk, girl time – with a gorgeous new dress thrown in for good measure. gin with coffee, gin with tea. glaring at nasty microwaves. getting over it, over everything. g-man’s cheeks. going to london. the poet ghalib. giving grief to the stud muffin (khanna doh?). gmails from the crossword puzzle. giggling in the rain, on bikes, over eggs with a diaryface. g-man’s words. giving up on regret and bad memories. getting happy high but never hungover. gorgeous breakfasts brings yummy yummy, ive got love in my tummy to life. g-man’s arms. growing healthier with the magic of a daisy. peroni + togetherness induced giggles. growing up and heaving relief-full sighs that the process is effortless. g-man’s unsent elaborate mail. gin on a bus. grateful for how it all turned out, and the state of affairs now. goodbye whimpers and licks from marco. giving away ugly baggage. grease’s "summer lovin". the garbage of yesteryears and the gleefulness of tomorroyears. going through texts ; hers and mine, and then just shamelessly snooping. grumbling over rainy days and an upcoming rainy year with astro. g-man’s plans and mine. gaiety of gossamer lovin. gabbing about ghosts of the past. a sense of failed gallantry. garden daydreaming and reading. gentle, almost invisible feelings becoming almost gaudy in vividness. g-man’s nods. giddiness at gmails. ginger tea and cigarettes in the evenings, with a dash of daisies on the side. gladsome walks and sits in the rain. glittering, glinting and gleaming missingness. everything g-man. gladness, oh-so glad to be back.

(but gudang garam’s will never get on this list. gag.)


One thought on “when “G” seems to be the favourite letter.

  1. Thank You for telling me about this. The G is you\’re life is evident. Oh but you be forgetting G-string.

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