Progress Report.

"My need has frayed with time; you said it would"
I can now do the everything and more I once could

Walking on the sunset of sandy shores, my toes
Exult;dance;rejoice – my mind (not heart) bestows

A weary peace under an orange bird-streaked sky;
Scribbling love, lust and loss that heals, never lies

While conversing with caffeine, my heart (not mind)
embraces desire and chance; priorities realigned

My stories unfolding, and not missing you, although I may
admit that near my mind (and heart) yesterday

In a tired twinkling twilight, I turned over a week
and remembered a lady-like spaniel, at her beautiful peak

"And wished you had been there to see her

But that I only mention by the way."

Inspired and based on the poem of the same name by Vikram Seth; obviously my version compared to his original is a like a glossy magazine compared to a first-edition classic. I owe that man much too much.


2 thoughts on “Progress Report.

  1. Brilliant. So proud of ya, Kyros!P.S. Come take a peek at 1kha1. Interior designing we\’ve been upto. Lots of very much so. Shiny new posts too.

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