Everything March Taught.

1. It’s ok to grow older. Milestone birthdays are just that. Milestones. Significance that should be embraced, not shunned.

2. The best conversations happen over tea sprawled on a bedroom floor. Surrounded by apple green walls.

3. Discovering you don’t have a temper anymore isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While SS and I might mourn its loss, maybe rational arguments and an even voice isn’t so ugly a thing after all. Foreign, yes. Ugly, maybe not. Temper tantrums, while amusing, tend to get overdone and exhausting.

4. Music without lyrics might just be better than music with lyrics. You can attach your own meanings and your own significance, and the music becomes a more intrinsic part of you. It gets permanently attached to your imagination.

5. Friends are important. Conversation with friends is importanter. But learning to listen to yourself, who you really are and what you really want is importantest.

6. You should never leave the house without a pencil. Or a pen. Your cell phone yes, a pencil (or a pen), never.

7. Its easier said than done to vanquish resentment and regret. However, at some point of time, you realize that resentment and regret hurts more than heals. The more you agonize, the more agony you’re in. While this seems like simple enough logic, it’s not. Sometimes it ISN’T good to dwell on things, and it might just be healthier to put things in little boxes and then bury them. Even healthier is making your resentment and regret into sandcastles and then jumping on them. And then laughing over your sandy toes.

8. While cigarettes might kill and all that, they also offer clarity in the oddest of ways. Especially when paired with chai.

9. You realize that one of the best parts about growing up, is knowing how ridiculous it is to be small and petty, and you learn to laugh rather than feel anger at those who are. And you indulge in waves of relief that despite your own (plentiful) flaws, at least you aren’t that small, or that petty.

10. You realize that there are something’s you can’t control, or even begin to understand. And then you stop thinking about them. You focus on things you can control and understand. Like poetry, and jazz. Conversations and letters. Brewing tea and lighting cigarettes. Long walks and blisters. Dreams and ambition. Hopes and travel. Lasting oldfriendships and thrilling newfriendships. Fellytone giggles. Destruction and creation. Getting rid of questions and just being yourself instead.


3 thoughts on “Everything March Taught.

  1. anything can always be more insightful than it looks. just pay more attention :)I sounds so wise and deep.

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