Greedy Bougainvilleas

Till my dying day, I will regret introducing my balcony’s bougainvilleas to this blog. Not only were they so favorably taken with blogging and the Internet, they decided I HAD to make them a blog of their own. They also insisted that I make it prettier than Mappings (poor Mappings, don’t listen to them). They conned me at my most tired and vulnerable and coerced me into doing something I wouldn’t have otherwise done if I was full possession of my faculties.

So after much squabbling (We should have a simple blog! No no, we should have a goth blog! No you stupids, we should have a jolie blog!) these wretched bougainvilleas have their own blog and will hopefully leave me in peace.

PS – Blogs aside, the greedy things made me make each one of them a personalized email address! So if you absolutely NOTHING to do, and feel like…I don’t know…writing to a bougainvillea in my balcony, go ahead and ask them for their email addresses! They’ll love rubbing it in my face that "See? Giving us email addresses wasn’t a doggone stupid idea after all!"

NB – I still love them though. I want to strangle them sometimes, but there’s no denying it – they’re pretty awesome.

PPS – Despite it being hyperlinked, the damn things still want me to post the link up here. These bougainvilleas know absolutely about blogging. Pfft. Anyhoo :


2 thoughts on “Greedy Bougainvilleas

  1. Yea well finally!It took them long enough. Though the Email thing was just rude. You should totally tell them about Michael. Although that may spur them on a bit too much.

  2. Aah… that\’s okay. At least that way SOMEONE will blog, seeing that you seem to be on a blogging vacation. Wasn\’t \’Bangkok baybeh\’ enough, woman?

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