Mappings Speaks & Hopes.

So, Im back. Hello to you. My apologies for my much missed absence. Ive been so busy at work and catching my forty winks, that I never realised that its been one year since Ive spoken to everyone. But Im back now. A little battered and longing for another sunny vacation in the middle of nowhere, but at least Im here. Ive missed you all. Growing up does strange things to you. Ive become mature now. I wear suits often, and I bought myself a new briefcase for Christmas. Wopeedeedoodah to me. I read big impressive books and Ive also started smoking. I know, I know. Ghastly habit, but what else am I supposed to do during coffee and ciggie breaks? You know Ive always hated Starbucks! Ive also developed a new found interest in politics. Yes, POLITICS. Cool, eh? Better than that ignorant mother of mine. That Kyra lives in a bubble sometimes. Must want to burst it soon.
Where is she? Kyra? She’s staring out the window and wondering if she should make herself a cup of green tea. Green tea has become one of her greatest friends. Im envious at times. And there at times when Ive tried to destroy her green tea leaves. You know, throw them out the window, burn them and THEN throw out the window, just get them out of the damn house. I used to be her peace, her calm, her greatest friend. Now she grabs peace from the one person who will never go away – herself. And green tea of course.
2008 has been one of the worst years Kyra and I have known. We have seen 3 deaths, and we have watched our city collapse into bloodshed and terror that no other city, country or continent has ever encountered. 2008 has been a year of loss, of heartbreak, of disappointments. There were little pockets of joy here and there, which would inevitably get washed out by the larger more devastating picture. With wars popping up and people dying and souls shrivelling up in cynicism and stocism, sometimes the light is hard to see, and hope even harder to find.
Nonetheless, grumpy and disgruntled old fart that Kyra might be, she understands that despite the disappointments of 2008, resolutions must be made and some traditions must not be broken. So here we go.
1) Kyra is going to DO THINGS. With graduation slowly approaching, most people choose to sit at home or indulge in mundane things. Kyra will not fall into this trap. She will try to travel. She will write. She will take pictures. She will read all the books she wanted to. She will go and do her Masters, knowing and feeling and understanding more than she does now. She wont sit on her very attractive rear end and wait for life to happen to her. She will make her own life and love it all the more for this reason.
2) Kyra will TAKE THINGS IN HER STRIDE. Everything happens for a reason. And while quilts are comfortable places to hide under, life is an easier place to live in once fears and disappointments are confronted, once joys and tribulations are celebrated. While we can never understand why people are taken away from Earth, we can only hope that they found a more comfortable and beautiful home in Heaven. While we can never understand why the world is the way it is, we can be grateful that we are a part of its color and chaos. Striding is a good way to go.
At the end of 2008, Kyra finds herself turning inward, becoming introspective, trusting herself more than most people. On some level, it is a good thing. It is time she started depending on her judgement, on her opinions, on her ideals. Shes making her ideals stronger, bigger, and more beautiful and they go wherever she does. Not in her pocket, because she wears skirts sometimes, but in herself. The safest, most secure place she knows. At the end of 2008, more than anything else, Kyra is glad to BE. Be alive, be imaginative, be loved, be strong, be loving, be angry, be hated, be cuddled, be sad, be felt, be feeling. Kyra is being, and theres no better feeling in the world.
To the ones who left without saying goodbye (Suchi, Avanti, Vinit).
To the ones who To the ones who make life worth living (Mommydaddy, SS, Hobo, Khan).
To the ones leaving out of choice and to make life joyful again (Here’s to you Mrs Robinson, I love you so).
To the ones that make laughter and joy easy.
To the ones who are rarely met or spoken to but will always be loved (Nirja, Zoe, Vij, Rabs, Samar, Saira, Shehzad, Farshad, Girish, Isha, Di, Jibran, Akshat, Shona, Ro, Samu).
To the ones that are familiar and always there (Books, old and new).
To everybody, to nobody.
To everything, to nothing.
To you, and to me.
To 2009 – heres to hoping, and wishing. And HOPING.
Shine on 2009. We’re ready for you.

6 thoughts on “Mappings Speaks & Hopes.

  1. Hi Baby, Is Mappings referring to his mother or kyra\’s mother as "ignorant". Comments will be withheld till clarification is given – hee hee. Heres to HOPING that we all survive 2009 – health, weath, success and all the happiness especially to my fairy petunia. Love Mum

  2. Mrs Robinson loves you too, and urges you to apply for the UK and urges you also to please come onto skype and talk to her because she visited some purdy places like Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery and wants to tell you about it. Hell, I\’ll just call you.Love you little Kyresh (who is by no means little heart/soul/brain/love- wise)I know I make sense to you. hehe.MWAH.Expect mail soon.Many lurves to Sairesh and Flowerpot too.

  3. i dunno if u\’ve dunnit or not .. but checking out the early posts and recent posts simultaneously one can track the graph of ur individual expansion pretty well.. i liked mappings then.. i still do.. so thats a constant i guess

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