Wobbly & Unhinged.

I’m back. Both to blogging and to well, life. Boards tend to have that effect on you. In my last set of Boards, I was so confident I had done well, I went and got my nose pierced, I spent every day out and then KABOOM. Doing well in Boards turned out to be a fun little fantasy I’d built up in my head. So this time, Ive taken it to extremes. Before I had the time to spend every day out and find another part of my body I would allow to be pierced, I came home. And am currently reveling in fully-stocked fridges, squishy cushions and nothing to do all day. I am so confident I have not done well, I have chosen to forget I am in BMM and have chosen instead to look ahead to a life after graduation, to a future I haven’t decided yet. I have disengaged from my life.

Apart from furniture. My mother and I have found a new exhilarating hobby which involves building/assembling furniture. Admittedly, the wooden bookshelf we constructed over the weekend, is a little wobblier than Id like, and my mother managed to accomplish a feat few manage – breaking extremely sturdy wood. I think two of my mothers favorite movies, The Karate Kid and Kung Fu Panda should take the blame for this. Nonetheless, the bookshelf in all its glossiness, stands – wobbles – proudly and my mother and I have our eyes set on bigger (when I say bigger, I mean over 6ft cabinets) and greener pastures. For those who love me and my mother, pray that our next wobbly construction doesn’t collapse on top of us – making my mother and I more wobbly than Id like.

I noticed it during Boards and I’m noticing it again. I was always a little eccentric, but recently I have become decidedly unhinged. I have developed a phobia for throwing out things. I packed a suitcase so filled with things to throw, that I forgot to pack any clothes. I spent the weekend throwing out towels and bed linen, much to the dismay of my mother (bed linen marks one of the great loves of her life). I spent the next day ripping out pages of notebooks and throwing them out too. Today or tomorrow I plan on throwing out cosmetics and other such products that claimed to make my life oh-so much more colorful. It didn’t by the way. While my aunt calls this phobia decluttering, I call it mental. I don’t throw things, I hoard. I collect pretty boxes, just to keep junk in. I never know when I might need something, so I hoard. Now I’m throwing away with a frenzy that would alarm me if I wasn’t so busy throwing.

Throwing out things gives me a sense of relief. I like to think that its leaving me space for the excitement of post-graduation. The excitement of new people, of new cities and new continents, of a new shiny life. Then, when I give myself time to think about it, I realise I’m throwing away most of the excitement of my old-current life.  Since I cant decide which is more important, I throw. And then I gulp down mugs and mugs of green tea. Ah, peace. I’m going to become a green tea-ggie. I’ll inject myself with green tea all day, I shall wear baggy green things and adorn myself with tea leaves. I shall walk around with green flasks filled with green tea and shall save the world from eternal doom, by pouring it over people or inviting them in what shall be known as a "sit-and-sip".

See what I mean by unhinged?


6 thoughts on “Wobbly & Unhinged.

  1. What\’s really unhinged is your spelling.
    Horde = Hoard.
    Still my little sister. Emphasis on the little 😛

  2. BACK! YOU\’RE BACK! After weeks (ok, so I exaggerate) of frantic messaging and furtive checks on this page, you\’re finally BACK! You just won\’t understand how relieved I am…
    And, you\’re not unhinged, silly! It\’s just jetlag from crawling in and out of your shell. Maybe Daisy\’s growing up. Just make up a shiny, happy name for it and you\’ll be all right…

  3. Samu : How can someone I love so completely (you) be so aggravating? Kisses and squeezies.
    Mahithi : YOU COMMENTED! 😀 I wrote this blog for you by the way. I knew it was a matter of time before you started harassing me via email. Tsk. Such impatience. Dont worry, now Im back in the whole writing thing, I dont think you\’ll have to sit waiting for so long! And send me mail from time to time. Mappings shouldnt be the only way we keep in touch! Ps. And I shall take the advice.

  4. Oh I can almost feel your unhinged-ity sitting here. But oh it\’s lovely. I approve. Be unhinged. Unhinged is good. Where would this world be without unhinged-ity I ask you… I too am unhinged. Albeit in a slightly different way. It\’s why we\’re friends. I have an unhinged love life (don\’t even ASK). I have an unhinged work life where I have interview Biharis who talk to my chest and not to my face. And I have an unhinged home-life because I am desperate to rid myself of the clutter I have been hoarding myself so hopefully (thinking, as always that something will come in handy somewhere), but I am unable to do so because of the kind of life I lead. See?I\’m unhinged too.Happy smile.Please come soon. We will whisk ourselves away someplace. Drink coffee, tea, or green tea and idle away some time and forget that I am working and you are in Tee Why.Oh and Harry and Sairu are invited too. Harry, Sairu! Hieeee! How are you two? Are you guys alright? Let\’s all take a spaceship to the moon. What say.Yay.Oh and Citizen Cope and Damien Rice are growing on me. Lovely, I say. Especially Pablo Picasso and Nine Crimes. I love you. Sigh. Come soonly. I really am loony.(see it rhymes!)Erm. Should\’ve just sent you a mail, non?

  5. Too much hinging makes a door boring, predictable and subsequently rusty- three things you are the distinct opposite of. You are a big wooden door that swings both ways (no puns within this metaphor…i should hope) and slides in and out when you feel like it. Situations would make you one of those boring push and pull ones a lot of the time but I\’ve seen all your secretive slides you sneaky door you.
    Anyway I think we\’ve now accomplished your strangest comments section yet so i\’ll stop.
    Oh and ps. Knowing you and your momma the shelf will probably fall when it meets the 6 ft cabinets and destroy them too eventually causing the portable a/c and the coffee maker to explode which will result in the return of little Nizammudin who\’ll wobble around the place yanking wires causing fuses and fires which will only be put out when you all hurl water amidst hysterical screaches with the daisy watering can. And you\’ll blame Ikea.
    Pps. Stupid Ikea  

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