The Boards are a Mini-Holiday. Its true.

The first set of Boards I ever did were a disaster. It was the first time in my long shiny report card life that I felt stupid. Three years after that disaster, I have Boards again. Now apart from these being Boards, this marks my halfway point to GRADUATION. Thats right.

Bye-bye college, bye-bye exams (for good!) These exams had ignited so much fear in me, last year when I wished a senior (my brother) luck for these same exams, he said "relax, this whole experience is a mini-holiday" –  It would be an understatement to say I hyperventilated. I hyperventilated BIG TIME. A year later, it was my turn. And it turns out, maybe he was right. While I AM working, somehow the fear and the paranoia I had seems to have poofed. A whole semester of strenouous projects and a whole lot of positioning might have done it. Complete and total saturation might have done it. Whatever it was, daunting the Boards are not.

1) I have become addicted to green tea, and Ive revived my addiction to coffee. Interesting combo, non?

2) I have so many notes, I could build a house. Not seriously. I could even build the furniture inside with all the reams and piles of paper I own.

3) Ive grown very fond of my highlighter. I highlight, I highlight some more. I highlight some more again. Oh and occasionally I underline with a pencil.

4) I love translucent Post-it’s. They’re fun and attached to almost every single piece of paper I own. Which is a lot.

5) Ive never loved re-runs so much before. I watch Grey’s Anatomy, Life as we know it, Friends, The Simpsons & Seinfeld. One after the glorious other. Then I highlight some more.

6) Im reading a lot of chick lit. A LOT. It helps remove whatever little Branding or Advertising in Contemporary Society Ive highlighted that day.

7) Ive found my box of yellow lucky pencils and take great joy in sharpening them in that particular way where the shavings become flowers. Yay. Then I underline.

8) Im eating more than I ever did. My aunt seems so happy to see me at home highlighting, that she considers it great fun to make me fat. Which let me add, she is doing very successfully. Food, I realise has the same effect chick lit does. It very happily removes what Ive highlighted that day.

9) I sleep more peacefully. Highlighting day in and day out, is a burden that shouldnt be sneezed at. After such a hard day of you know, highlighting, sleep is more than welcome.

10) I hope my mother isn’t reading this. If she is, Hi Momma!

All things considered, mini-holiday or not, its been 3 years since my last set of Boards. Apart from learning more about this education system, I like to believe that Ive learnt more about myself. I know that I CANNOT study – I mean highlight – for Boards in Mocha. Or start mugging a few days before the paper. I know I cant study (yes, I mean higlight!) in a big group. I know my capabilities, and my limitations. And deep down, underneath all that green tea and coffee, I know this time around, it’ll be different.


5 thoughts on “The Boards are a Mini-Holiday. Its true.

  1. i told you so! there so much more time to take care of yourself during this time period that its not even funny! buy that book you always wanted, start saving for other stuff, make a list of things you want to do this year, send emails to people you havent-heard-from-for-a-long-time-but-were-too-busy-to-realize-cause-you-just-got-onto-facebook-for-12-minutes-cause-you-have-no-time-or-inclination-to-do-anything, also list celebrity crushes, worry about food and physical activity and many other important things. now enjoy yourself cause i predict that with your handwriting, common sense and ability to have an opinion that you will get distinction, im thinking comfortable 72%…it wont even excite you cause many people will get it…but yes this will the ll see..

  2. My baby, this time round I dont think you will screw up boards.  Pyjamas should do the trick.  12th board – there were no new pyjamas.  Enjoy highlighting – its genetic like coffee drinking.

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