Most people I know including myself wrap themselves in a cocoon. And its this cocoon they choose to show the outside world.
Its usually a shiny veneer, an attractive facade most are proud to display.
However, inside our heads is a little person. That person is raw, innocent, real, vulnerable, innocent.
And unafraid.
That little person is the person that lets us fall in love, lets us take the plunge – because, honestly, that person just doesnt know any better.
That little person pinches you when you start drowning in regrets.
That little person is a big believer in just LIVING.
And the best place to leave that little person is in your head.
Letting him/her speak when they need to.
I recently committed the ultimate sin.
I brought my little person out of my head.
I named her. I met her friends. I introduced her to mine.
I made her entirely mine with slashes of a blue pen on lined paper.
On a tiny notebook that I carried around everywhere.
I sang to her, I spoke to her, I made my friends love her.
And I made her friends mine. And loved them completely.
And then the harshness and brutality of reality killed her.
Life killed her.
Immaturity, People, Misunderstandings and LIFE killed her.
And I finally understood why the little person isnt supposed to leave your head.
People like your little person dont belong to life.
And when you bring them to life, and then they die, the part of your head they belonged dies too.
A part of you dies with that little person.
To My Daisy.
Come back.

4 thoughts on “Daisy.

  1. I think a branch has fallen on your little person. And all the other branches just scraped her because she was always inside. Now that she was out I think she just got hit square on the head. I believe she\’s just lying there right now, probably a bit groggy from the knock and more than anything else scared shitless because it feels like an avalanche. I think she needs to lie down for a bit. Take a small break. And I think quite soon she\’ll scream and push the branch off and look down at it and say where you at bitch? I really believe she will. My little guy\’s fucking cheering from this side anyway…you see he grew quite fond of her. Get well soon Daisy.

  2. Dear Daisy,I don\’t worry too much about you. I know you will be back. Like ol\’ Flowerpot said, you\’ve just been hit by a wayward branch and you will be back. Because you, like all other little people are certainly raw and hurt easier, but you are also strong and stubborn. Much like Kyra herself. And so I don\’t worry too much about you. The head\’ll be sore for a bit, but you\’ll pull through. Oh yes you will.

  3. I know daisy for quite some time now. and I know for the fact that she\’s strong. she\’ll spring back if bent and show this life the middle finger (i know she\’s little but you can teach her that).
    I second harry on the branch thing. she needs a break. thats it.
    will see you soon daisy. summer is just round the corner.

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