Something in the Air

It all began on any normal Saturday. I had an early morning lecture and breakfast at Yorks.
Then in a spontaneous burst of ‘something-i-do-not-know-what-to-call-it’, we decided to watch the movie/musical ‘Across the Universe’.
I am still uncertain whether it was the psychedelic colours, the art and the poetry or the Beatles songs that is to be blamed.
All I know is, that it happened – The Big Idea – due to the dizzingly exhilirating effects of the movie.
We decided to bunk college and go to Matheran to shoot a pilot episode of a TV show.
Im sitting now, at a table that is years old with crumbling wood and scattered with unidentifiable pretty planty things scattered all over it.
Sunshine caresses my skin like it never has before, while faithful (tch!) Jignesh lies at my feet.
I look up and theres Hobo looking down at me singing something with Vikram.
 Chirmi hollers something to do with water and I see strawberries and shortcakes whenever I close my eyes.
Her sadness and the strawberry-ness intertwines with all the peace and pleasure that runs through me.
And I lie in bed murmuring to Hobo about how after over a year I dont know how to function without her.
Theres something in the air.
Something about the way sunlight streams so perfectly through the trees. Something about the way the leaves crackle under our feet.
The way something inside me comes alive, more tranquil and at peace than I can remember.
The way it makes me free of thought and sanity – and I can sing and dance on roads and paths without caring.
Theres something about the chill in the air that makes my skin tingle and glow.
The way no matter how hard you look, you’ll never find even a teeny area of Matheran without stretches and pathways of trees – trees at every crossroad, every highroad and lowroad.
To QU-ASI. To The Beatles
To Walking on Sunshine
To Strawberries.
To the coolest "neighbours" ever.
To Hobo imprints
To the something in the air.

9 thoughts on “Something in the Air

  1. i was so waiting for it..
    jus knew it, that this one would be something worth-waiting-ages-for..
    glad u didnt let me down..

  2. i had told you, didnt I? 🙂
    yes, we commitment-phobes have knacks about these kind of things.
    see you tomorrow!

  3. Hah!  Suddenly I can access your blogs from office.  Dont know when it will stop though so keep me informed when you do write something.  BTW – why was I not informed about these latest blogs???  Beg my forgiveness and I will think about it.  Did u guys get any work done in Matheran? Typical momma like question.  I love you my baby and am glad you are happy.

  4. See. Ive told you many times. You are one office CHEAT. Stealing supplies, printing my projects and now accessing blogs when you arent supposed to. This is just as bad as stealing perfume caps. What scares me is that most of your office crimes are for my benefit.
    Yes motherest, we did solid work. Hours worth of footage – and its such pretty footage!
    Beg your forgiveness – in 18 years, have i begged your forgiveness woman?! Dont aim so high, lets get practical. Tsk. Mothers these days.

    if thats your mom\’s comment, it DOES look like so, then i must say that\’s not a very typical-mom-like comment
    atleast not my mamma like..
    thats ohh so cool..

  6. Who is conundrum?  Why is he/she saying "not mummy like comment"? It was lovely beginning my day talking to you my homie hipling.  Yes – u are right – you bring out the best in me – motherly as well as criminal tendencies.  The perfume bottle cap was also for you.  Not only am I getting access to MSN Spaces but getting FM too.  Bliss.  Mid semster break so very quiet.  Weather is purrfect.  Sat on office bldg. steps and had coffee in splendid solitude.

  7. Sigh. I love you Kyra. Even your writing warms me. (Sounds shady, non?) Sunshine, that\’s what you are, girlie. I\’m beginning to wish my mom commented on my posts. Lol. But we live under the same roof, and she reads and comes to the other room and comments. Sigh.Riya

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