Threes. Twists. And Turns.

Its been one of those days.
A day where I wore a pretty dress and managed to grab a couple of hours of chai time.
I also managed to get some sit-on-balcony-and-listen-to-happy-music-time.
I managed to get alone SS time and alone Hobo time.
And some stare-at-trees-and-yellow-sofa-time.
Which are always good things.
But its been a strange day nonetheless.
Or should I say none the less?
I digress.
I feel discontent. Restless.
Unlike me.
And very much me which is what kills.
I feel like I want all the things I cant have.
I feel like theres so much out there I could have.
I feel like theres too much to hold and too little to grasp.
I feel like writing the book thats been simmering in me for so many months & moments
I feel like quitting BMM which is slowly draining me of all sparkle
I feel like being me again.
Not happy. Or blissful.
Or even content.
But just glad to be in my own skin.
I want to stride.
I want to twirl.
I want to be.
I feel like there are too many thoughts.
And they oddly come in threes.
And twists and turns.

3 thoughts on “Threes. Twists. And Turns.

  1. Is that what godma\’s are teaching their godchildren these days?!
    BUT – I think I shall try that.
    I love god – um – people.

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