Birthdays & Mommy’s.

For three years now, I have missed my mothers birthday.
I have also missed the times shes had a bad day, or a good day or a blah day.
Ive missed the talking after evening nap days -which was everyday.
Ive missed the random cuddles and random babble
Ive missed how I could tell her every tiny detail and she always understood.
I miss the little things.
The way she makes me sit on her lap, although I consider myself an adult and above such things.
The way we created our own mother-daughter bubble, which most envy.
The joy of Friday mornings.
Her wonderful food, and how she always picks out the right clothes.
The way she’d always buy me new pajamas before any exam.
And oddly enough, how it actually helped.
The way she’s the only person on the planet I ever told how much I loved Farshad.
And how, shes the only person who never needed to be told.
She could tell from my eyes and my silences.
The way her tempers turn into calm in seconds – just like mine.
The way her vibrancy and her voice turns dark into light
The way her arms have healing powers
And the way her presence is the only time I truly feel safe.
Ive gotten over a lot of things in my 3 years here.
Missing my mother isnt one of them.
Happy Belated Birthday Mommy.
From Mappings and Me – I lurve you.

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