Identity & Yellow Chappals

I am currently in the middle of one of the most painful projects Ive had in my two years of BMM.
When we were told last month, to take a series of photographs on our identity, the majority of the class (including me) went "OOOOOOOOOH! YIPPEDY DOO DAH!"
I think we just thought "Identity" was a very cool and deep word.
We didnt realise that we had to delve deeper than we’d like to put ourselves in visuals.
We didnt realise that we’d find a lot we didnt like.
And that we’d have battles with ourselves
Wondering if we should show 70 or so relative strangers who we really are.
I rejected five or so concepts before I found one I am comfortable with.
Im still not very woo-hoo about it, and Im comfortable with that too.
I realise now, that identity, especially your own isnt something you’ll ever be comfortable with.
Its never something that will be woo-hoo.
Its something that scares the shit out of most people.
It scares me into a corner curled up with my yellow chappals.
Which I realised just a few days ago, are more a part of me than anything I own.
They’re happy and faded and strong
They get tired sometimes, and they show it, but they never stop moving
And they’re always smiling, and well – yellow.
To SS and Hobo, who helped finding my identity through colours and cameras.
And to CK & VS, for the hours over chai, where everything identity-related became oh-so clear.
And to Mappings : "The Mother of Mappings" was an aspect I wish you knew how hard I tried to incorporate.
And lastly and most importantly – to yellow chappals.

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