Santa reads Randomity – And Wish Lists.

I remember the one time I put up a Christmas wish list on my blog, I got most of the stuff on it.
Stupidity and laziness prevailed the years after that, and I never put up another wish list ergo. never got what I wanted.
Mappings has gotten wiser over the years.
Christmas Wish List 2007
1. Old Movie Posters: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, My Fair Lady, Casablanca, A Roman Holiday and Grease
2. A Starbucks Mug
3. Contributions to my laptop fund
4. An iPod Touch – its so pretty!
5. A situation where Diya, Isha AND I could be together
6. A massive bunch of daisies
7. S & D to be together.
8. A personalised collage or painting – like the one Di made me 3 years ago!
9. Twilight of the Idols by Nietzsche
Im putting up my Christmas tree tomorrow. With twinkly lights and a straw hat.
Yes, straw hats are Christmas ornaments now.
Im listening to carols on the radio
And it doesnt matter that theres no snow
Santa’s just so in the air.
With crinkly wrapping paper. And Zen. Straw hats and baskets.
Crimson lace and striped cotton. A thousand flowers and a glass leaf.
An evolving knot and a home. Blue satin ribbon.
Yup, Santa’s everywhere.

3 thoughts on “Santa reads Randomity – And Wish Lists.

  1. i think i can support you neitszche request, wanting is part of getting so keep wanting. also in reference to earlier blog about fest-o-comm, if you do not go, i will be very pissed off at someone….that is you of course…you better make it happen cause thats how this universe works. i want it, i make it happen. Plus it ll be a real shame if you miss out cause you ll really appreciate that fest. im trying not to be patronizing here, hopefully i was not.Siddhant

  2. Sid : Thats precisely why I want to go to fest-o-comm. 1) it\’ll be an awesome experience, 2) i really want to go! 3) you werent patronizing at all =D and yea, i have a strong feeling ill be seeing neitzsche on my bookshelf soon. Mappings usually gets me what i want. I usually get me what I want =D looking forward to more lit talks and hopefully we\’ll able to work out poetry bouncing sessions!
    Hobo: Read it. Loved it. And not just cos I was in it! Youre so arsenal, baby!

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