Tell Me Baby


Its a puzzling time.

You’d think once you answered all the questions, everything would be clear.

So much for that idea.

I keep thinking about the future.

The next 5 minutes, 5 hours, 5 days, 5 weeks, 5 months, 5 years.

As opposed to some people who cant think beyond the next 5 seconds.


Randomity has become more random than ever.

A plethora of sightings and emotions

More twisty than its ever been before.

With mention of bicycles, purple silk and the alchemy of desire.

Its the too many questions thing.


1. Will SS get over her fear of death and accept it as something that just IS?

2. Will things ever be really right with Cookie?

3. Will I ever be able to reduce 4 suitcases to 1?

4. Will I ever stop obsessively collecting books? And shoes?

5. Will I reduce my chai intake? Do I want to?

6. Will SS mail me during Xmas break? Ahem.

7. Will HK ever slow down and BREATHE? Do I want him to?

8. Is AK ok? Will he be ok? When will he be ok?

9. Is it possible to sleep with techno pulsating through the walls?

10. Fest-O-Comm at Symbi? Is that even a question I dare to ask?


There are questions within the questions.

Frustratingly obtuse.

Like I said

Its a puzzling time.



2 thoughts on “Tell Me Baby

  1. I guess I\’m over my death fear…I\’m alive….yay!!!
    n i will mail you!!!:^
    just in case you havent checked your msn I\’m on hotmail n ve left you an offline…ill be there in the afternoons and evenings….
    loe you bumble….

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