Randomity and Other Pleasures.

After days of feeling blah, I finally realised that I am young.
And theres nothing stopping me from being spontaneous.
I went along with that feeling, for the first time in a very long time.
A feeling that overwhelmed me, that made me smile from ear to ear, that tingled my skin.
Its that feeling thats given birth to the turquoise "Randomity" permanently engraved on my skin.
Its that feeling that made me bunk a busy day of college and responsibility, and instead spend it doing random beautiful things.
Which I felt was a fitting tribute to the beautiful word that has been beautifully etched onto my skin.
I recently indulged in a mistake.
One that felt like home. One that I could drown in.
It was a guilty pleasure. One I knew I shouldnt let myself have.
Sort of like savouring black currant icecream when you have a bad throat.
It isnt smart. But it feels really good.
This mistake felt like I had been doing it for a really long time.
And I could imagine doing it for a longer time.
And in the spirit of spontaneity, maybe it wasnt a mistake.
But something that was supposed to happen.
I dont think theres anything more dangerous than the blahs.
Or restlessness.
The feeling can suffocate. Can overwhelm in all the wrong ways.
It can make you detach from something you were attached to before.
It can make you a stranger to feelings you once knew.
It makes you make decisions you know you might regret.
I wish I knew a cure for the blahs.
All I know is, taking the plunge helps.
Delving into anything else apart from the reason of the blahs helps.
 Not thinking, just doing it.
Forget regrets.
To My SS
Who made my blahs go away in the best way possible.
and who makes me love her more and more each day.
She’s my blah-basher. Which is something everyone needs.

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