The Meaning of Mappings.

Today, for the first time, Mappings was hit with criticism.
Ok, well, not criticism, but opinions that demanded a new entry.
"Your blog is a vent blog"
"Your blog is not a chilling out blog"
Damn right its not.
In the entry Raw Dawn, I specifically described why Mappings was born.
Mappings swallows my fear, anger, passion, desire, rage, anger, jealously, cruelty and love.
He makes it his and puts in words.
I dont care if people dont minimize Mappings to stare at the whole day.
I dont care if people dont sigh at Mappings and think "life is good"
I write Mappings because he helps me.
Not because he’s entertaining.
I had two blogs before Mappings.
Colours and the Complex and Colours and the Complex Part Deux.
They were funny and light and frivolous.
They were "chilling out blogs"
I deleted the first in 3 months. The latter lasted longer because it connected me to some of the most beautiful friends I had.
Then I woke up and realised I was so busy writing for other people, I had forgotten how to write for myself.
And I gave birth to Mappings.
Heres to my Mappings.
Who is over a year old and gives me more joy than most people.

6 thoughts on “The Meaning of Mappings.

  1. i cant think of how to say this so im just going to. i love mappings and whether you like it or not he means alot to me. that isnt ur point and i get it, but very few things have made me as happy as being mentioned in a mappings post, let alone being able to read it. i hope you understand what this means…

  2. Just so you know…I would not sign in to comment on anyone else\’s blog. This is ONLY for you. Consider yourself privileged.  I love Mappings. It reminds me to write for myself and not for other people. I rest my case.Riya

  3. Well thats wat a blog is for innit? If u wann make it sound corny u can call it a burp or a fart … if u wann make it sound a lil intense.. u can call it \’da juice\’ haha… din make sense? its ok… chalta hai… writing is in a way about getting intimate with oneself.. so enjoy it!keep writing… and i thin we share something in common.. the stream of thought writing style… i likesss it :-p

  4. well.. lets start with this fact.. im addicted to mappings and i see so are many others..
    mappings makes me feel happy..
    it connects me to the nostalgic feeling of my diary which i recently lost 😦
    mappings makes me sad then..
    mappings leaves me wondering at times.. of what i dont know..
    mappings makes me feel connected.. to dunno what or whome..
    i am just in love with the "randomity" of the posts..
    and mappings is the only blog i bother to sit back and read… regularly… well almost.
    and you never have to write for others.. you write for yourself and thats how you can express..

    and if i wasnt clear at the first go.. im addicted to mappings!!

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