Somethin’ about Wilson.

Today I went to five colleges in South Mumbai – all considered to be the "coolest" colleges in the city.
They made me feel sick.
And although my head throbbed and all I wanted to do was go to bed, my urge to sink into the peaceful beauty of Wilson swept my other desires away.
And for the first few minutes of returning to college, I just sat.
Spread out on a paint-splattered bench, revelling in how wonderful it felt.
I can see the trees and the sea from all areas of college
And for a person who is a devout worshipper of both, this is a very big deal.
I love the way the walls and even the staircase looks as though they have stories to tell
And after 175 years, Im guessing the gossip is pretty juicy.
Theres something about Wilson
It may not have the greatest reputation – and that is regrettable.
But its feels beautiful when its alive.
It feels beautiful when its asleep.
With soft lights twinkling, bathing the entire college in sepiatone secrets.
It may not be the coolest college in the city.
But its got something better going for it.
It feels like home.

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