Pink Quilts and Mellow Yellow

I like bright colours. I always have.
These days Im getting a lot of grief for my whole bright colour thing.
J looked at me funny when I squealed "OOH technicolour flowered laptop case!" Actually I think he just ignored me. Which is worse.
He also groaned when I drooled over the shocking pink and turquoise duvet covers at IKEA. And I sulked when he bought the black.
My dad looked really SAD when I insisted he buy me the bright red luggage instead of grey.
If he only knew that my mom and I had booked the bright green and the orange luggage at United Colours of Benetton.
Harry is giving me grief because I bought two pairs of green shoes. Although he helped select my yellow chappals which is *cough* hypocritical *cough*.
Like I said, I like bright colours.
In the spur of the moment when I was 12, I painted my desk bright yellow.
The ONLY thing I liked about the movie "Because I Said So" were the happy colours of Mandy Moore’s apartment.
In less than a year Ive transformed my PG into something – YAY!
I have a purple tablecloth on my desk. A combination of green AND blue on my bed.
Yellow cushions on my chair.
And posters that were so um – bright – my grandma swore they’d give me nightmares.
They dont, by the way.
I just wish I was allowed to paint the walls.
How cool would that be?
When Im cranky I like ordering cocktails with funny names and pretty colors.
Take a Mellow Yellow for example. Or a Candy Lady or a Banana Mama!
When Im missing my Momma and the Pops, theres always the Mediterranean Homesick Blues.
Which is ALSO pretty.
And theres this one called Huck Yu. Which always makes me giggle.
Bright colours are happy.
Also, I figure that when Im, lets say, 25, I wont be able to pull off the crazy colour mania.
Think about it.
You’re more inclined to feel happy when you’re next to someone in woo-hoo colours than someone in a grey suit.
Bright colors say lets have a cocktail with a funny name!
They say lets go dancing!
They say lets bunk lectures, go for a movie and buy a cookie from The Cookie Man!
Not so bright colors shout grow up!
They shout be mature and do grown-uppy things!
So can you honestly blame me for the whole "Kyra is a freakin’ rainbow" thing?
And my apologies if this blog has blinded you.
It just proves the purpose of the blog really well.

11 thoughts on “Pink Quilts and Mellow Yellow

  1. In the spur of the moment, when I was 5, I went into my grandmother\’s kitchen and painted her countless decade old, black wooden kitchen table yellow, with BUTTER. I spread butter all over the top, and I was working on one of the legs, when she entered, screamed and fainted in my father\’s arms. That night I realized that bright colours were not welcome in a Bawa\’s kitchen.True story. I\’m not against bright colours. I just loathe any shades of pink though.

  2. I would have used jam. Colour aside, its tastier doncha think?
    You could have just licked it off afterwards.
    Yea, Im not a fan of pink either. Except for shocking pink – thats almost red so its cool.
    And might i suggest – jam might be a better option. Although i doubt you\’d be doing it again 😀

  3. bright colors are so much yay..
    ohh yes they are..
    they make u feel pleased..
    but then i realise its easier n less preposterous to love bright colors if ur a girl..
    Err… do i sound like a sexist..

  4. Kyra
    I don\’t think I\’d love you any less if you wore only shades of black, gray and white. But you are a colour person, and that\’s what I love about you. Your aura [not that I claim to be an aura-seeing-and-defining expert], is one that\’s full of colour and so, life…there\’s a vibrancy about you that I haven\’t seen in a lot of people. Be the rainbow-Kyra you\’re known to be. That\’s who you are and I don\’t see why it should change even after you\’re 25. Keep you head and you heart and all the spaces that you fill full of all the colours you love, pinks and blues and purples and oranges and yellows… 🙂 …they define you.
    i painted my wall…i loved it. i love it now. but I have an itch to change it. therefore, some advice from a person who also loves colour and loves to paint random things [wallet, cloth, cupboard, walls, bathroom tiles…]….don\’t paint till you can afford whitewash every now and then. if you\’re even half as itchy and anal about changing constantly, as I am, you need to own a whitewash shop before you paint once. 🙂
    but then, imagine when you have your own home…and you earn and can afford roller brushes and whitewash!!!! WHOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!

  5. Hmmm, lets get the confusion settled. While I enjoy jam as much as butter, the reason I painted the table was the yellow colour. Brightness, as your post put it. I did NOT however want to lick the table clean!

  6. Hey!  I was not ignoring you. I was busy trying to eat my cookie. JPs.My black AND white duvet cover looks kinda classy.

  7. J, do not make excuses! I gave you a cookie at IKEA. The laptop case was at Virgin!
    Tsk tsk tsk. And im sure your duvet looks very pretty, but the pink was SO much prettier 😀
    Darius! When I mentioned jam, I was primarily talking about colour. I always felt that red jam is more colourful than butter 😀

  8. Huh…Is jam really red though? I\’ve always eyed it as a very deep rich maroon, or at the closest an orangey marmalade colour. It\’s best spotted on toast, once it\’s spread, or on a white piece of bread. Great.Now I want jam toast.

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