Splendid Suns and Yellowing Paper.

This blog was originally meant to be a tribute to Khaled Hosseini’s last novel, A Thousand Splendid Suns.
I still remember how I felt when I read The Kite Runner. At that moment I was in Bangalore, sitting on a swing, feeling the perfect weather and the beautiful words of the book wash over me in waves – every page of the book was pure joy.
However, I was reluctant to read his next book.
There was something in the way my mothers voice sounded, the way the light changed in her eyes as she talked about it. She spoke about it with love and joy and sadness and it scared me that a book had the power to ignite such strong feelings in her. What did the book ignite in me?
It made my heart ache.
Nothing I could write could possibly do the book justice. So Im going to leave the feelings the books aroused in me to myself and cliche as it sounds, I can only recommend all who read this blog to read the book.
Few books will touch you, hurt you and speak to you in volumes of suffering and love and hope. This book does this and so much more.
Odd though it may be, it suddenly struck me how much I love old things.
When I was cleaning my room, I realised that apart from my bookshelf, what I loved most was the Victorian chest that has stood in the corner of my room for years. The pale pink roses painted on the wood, the monochrome history of the wood itself that looks as though it has stories to tell.
Thats when I sat down and started thinking.
About old things.
About the glorious smell of second-hand book shops. Feeling the essence of readers and lives in every fragile yellowing page you turn.
Knowing that black-and-white photographs have a tranquility that colour will never have.
Knowing that the cobwebby lace my grandma made is more beautiful and delicate than anything Ive ever seen.
Finding old diaries and poetry and realizing that innocence is wonderful and fleeting.
Of the beauty and goodness of my maternal grandmother. And the fragility of all the wonderful memories she must have.
And cradling the books of my mothers childhood, tenderly holding the crumbling pages in my hands, loving them completely.
Thinking and thinking of the stories and tales and secrets the old can tell.
Theyre so utterly beautiful.



3 thoughts on “Splendid Suns and Yellowing Paper.

  1. I know what you mean about Hosseini\’s books. There is something essentially haunting about both his books and I have felt a series of emotions so strong, that to put them into words would not do justice to the feeling. For days after I read the Kite Runner, I was in a curious little bubble of the world that Hassan and his family and friends inhabit. I couldn\’t stop thinking of the book, and I realised that was probably because I had lived the story. You know what I mean. I especially love the bit where Baba says that all sins are offshoots of stealing. It makes so much sense. And then…For you, a hundred times over. I can still feel the same upsurge of emotion when I see that line.I would still choose Kite Runner over Splendid Suns, not because I enjoyed the first more, but because it touched a chord somewhere that Splendid Suns couldn\’t quite manage to. But that\’s not to say that I didn\’t love it. Hosseini rates among my favourite authors, up there with Seth and Roy and that\’s saying something. My book review for Soni was on Splendid Suns and she still has the book. [___] It\’s on QM too. (winks- insert shameless self-promotion here) I love old things too. They take you back to a time and a place where you can never be again. Makes you wistful and sad and thoughtful all at once. Books and photographs, each hold a memory that stems from the far away reaches of the heart and the mind.Lovely post. This comment\’s long enough to be one too. Teehee.http://quaintmurmur.blogspot.com/

  2. Hey
    I know what you mean about \’old\’ stuff and that charm of accomplishment and contribution is pretty damn awesome but to me atleast, what really counts is learning from them and realising that some day you\’ll be someone\’s smelly old grandmum or granddad and some kid\’ll look at our pictures and go, "wow it must have been weird living in a world with only 2D photographs!" The purely functional, geometric tables and chairs we\’re using today instead of the elaborate furniture of a few years ago will someday arouse some other kid\’s curiosity, and maybe he\’ll open his history text book and read some of our names…! Maybe he\’ll shudder because of the crap we\’ve done or maybe he\’ll gasp in awe at the change we\’ve made who knows? Hell for all I know I won\’t be in the next version of \’we didn\’t start the fire\’ but hell I\’m 19! I can make it to whatever song or book I want.
    Sorry for the garble!:P
    Can I link you btw?
    Great post as always.

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