The Call of the Mall.

Im on holiday. But its a BMM holiday. Which means I have projects to complete.
Ive spent the last few days hiding from my computer – which has all the fun stuff – Messenger, Mappings and all the rest.
Mr Dibble has taken me hostage. Hes the efficient project do-er.
And he was really pissed off cos I sent him to the hospital to clean out all his viruses.
He thinks that was just a convenient excuse to not do any work.
Which might be true.
Its hard to focus on projects.
When theres a new mall mere minutes away from home.
Let me clarify – Im not a fan of malls.
I prefer bargains and wandering around. I dont like a ton of shops contained in one big building.
The concept has always freaked me out just a little bit.
But my mother dragged me to this mall.
And this mall has two things that makes me a wee bit in love.
Magrudy’s is the best bookstore in the Middle East. Ive never been to it till now.
Ive always scoffed at books over here. With all their censorship and exorbidant pricing.
I really dont remember the last time Ive bought a book here.
So I always imagined Magrudy’s was a wee bit overrated.
It was the smell that hit me.
It smelt like happy books.
Books that were loved and cared for and appreciated.
Books that actually smiled at you when you walked in.
And I did something Ive rarely done at Crosswords.
I started piling books in my arms, cradling them.
Knowing I had to get these happy smiley books into my life and home.
Something else happened that never happens at Crosswords.
The salespeople love the books they sell.
They have happy smiley conversations with you about their happy smiley books.
They recommend happier smilier books, they KNOW their books.
Its the happiest smiliest place Ive ever known.
Anyone who knows me well enough, knows that I am a Starbucks addict.
Im not one of those pretentious people who sit tapping away on a laptop, sipping a latte, wearing big black glasses and who look around occasionally, giving people wise nods and sighs, giving off that "Im a very busy, intellectual and pretty person" aura.
Im just a very loyal Starbucks lover.
Ive been drinking their caramel-flavoured coffee for over 6 years now.
Most of their employees know me either by face or name, despite the fact that Im only here once or twice a year.
Ive been sitting on that same battered purple sofa and Ive carved so many doodles on their friendly wooden tables, its hard to keep track.
And Ive been telling people for years now, that the perfect gift anyone could get me would be one of the colourful Starbucks mugs that adorn their shelves.
Those mugs actually talk to you.
They tell you, "Buy me! Look at me, Im so pretty and colorful. Id be the yay-est possible start for your morning!"
I havent got a Starbucks mug yet, but Im digressing.
This mall has the biggest Starbucks Ive ever seen.
Its there as soon as you enter the mall.
And it waves you at you. Shouting hello.
Its the friendliest Starbucks Ive met so far.
And after days of procrastinating, its this mall thats given me the push I needed.
I have to finish these projects.
Because I need to get back there.
And make myself a very happy mall rat.
And I firmly believe that dragging me to this mall was just my mothers evil ploy to get me working.
She probably conspired with Mr Dibble.

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