Blame it on the antibiotics.

Im home. Which means im the laziest Ive ever been. I lie in bed all day, eating salami sandwiches and reading "Girls of Riyadh" and there seems something fundamentally wrong about eating salami and reading about Saudi Arabia. Then I realise Im in Abu Dhabi. Whack on head. And munch with a vengeance.
Considering all I do is lie in bed, I have a lot of time to think about things.
Unfortunately, BMM and the IV have deteriorated my mind so much, they arent very worthwhile things.
They go something like this.
1) I have big feet. I like my big feet. Big feet are comforting.
2) Ad or Journo, ad or journo, ad or journo?
3) Pumpkin needs to die. But I like Pumpkin. No, he’s NM! ARGH!
3) Cornflakes is crunchier than oatmeal. Am I in a crunchy mood or in a mushy mood?
4) I miss Haley (my old phone that has fallen off trains and buses and stairs) Miss Blaise (the new phone named after Modesty Blaise-if you dont know
who that is I will kill you) is too sleek and shiny. Shes rather…smug.
5) I should really get over my fear of flossing. Its ridiculous for an 18 year old to be afraid of…Ok, no. It IS scary.
6) My yellow chappals dont look so yellow anymore. Theyre more…ochre. The magic is in the yellow-ness which means theyre just ordinary chappals now. Poor ole chappals.
7) I want to build a house in the Himalayas and spend all my years there writing a book. If my Dad reads this, he WILL hit me. And NO, I want to do it NOW, not when im FIFTY! For crying out loud.
8) I want to celebrate Christmas. With all the twinkly lights and the cards and the carols and the presents. And I dont need you telling me that Xmas is sometime away!
9) I have big hands. I dont like my big hands. Big hands are not comforting. Theyre…scary.
10) UK or India, UK or India, UK or India?
11) I want to skip my next birthday. 19 isnt a very symmetrical number.
Its somewhere here that I stop to rummage for my yellow box of tissues and i sniffle and sneeze feeling very sorry for myself.
I have a cold
And my ears pop
And my throat is like – what the hell is that – The Itchy and Scratchy Show? Is that it?
Oh yea, and during the IV, I fell in cacti. Which my mother finds very amusing.
But Im better than Karishma, who started crying when SHE fell in cacti.
Pfft. Even we cacti-fallers have standards.
Im going back to bed now.
Only now, ive finished Girls of Riyadh and Ive started ‘The Body Farm’.
Which is about a serial rapist and a morgue-type place where ‘they’ dissect rape victims.
Blame it on the antibiotics.

8 thoughts on “Blame it on the antibiotics.

  1. Let\’s see, Proud of feet, large hands, (Proudfoot)  stumbling through vegetations and travelling a lot. You are SUCH a Hobbit..:P

    well, let\’s see here….i\’m going to pick out the numbers that i find it absolutely necessary to comment on.
    1) big feet are the bane of my existence, but i like them. petite feet with a wonderful figure like mine would be a tad nightmarish
    2) journo.
    3) you have two threes..? first part ______. the second- i hate both.
    7) me too. though i hope they haven\’t melted before then.
    9) your hands are pretty.
    10) take the best of both worlds. \’tis what i plan to do. go and come back. and stay. [don\’t want my kids growing up abroad, you see] [ what kids, you ask? well, they\’re bound to come along sooner or later :P]
    11] i agree. 19th birthdays are like fourteenth birthdays- non-descript and forgettable. as a number…maybe as a day it won\’t be too bad 🙂

  3. But I always know "riya comments", even if you dont sign them. theyre usually my favourites 😀
    You dont like cornflakes??! Rice Krispies? Coco Pops? Gasp.

  4. oh no, i just got real tired of eating them. chocos were my favourite, but then i got sick of \’em too. hehe. and thank you, i like commenting on yer stuff, it\’s why i check this space regularly…teehee. now off to see if that harry has something new. and karan, and darius and all the rest.*sigh*ri

  5. 4 new posts….!!! dammit woman this isn\’t how it\’s done!!
    ah well…!
    9) i told you you had manly hands…!
    11) 19 is bloody awesome trust me! its been my most illogical age so far…! i LIKE it!
    shall reach jaipur 2moro and add u on msn. i miss salami sandwiches.

  6. now isnt that one hell of a postin spree..
    but as long as its better than the prev its ok u see..
    and yea.. u gotta be 19 to know what is it like..
    its like one last time the teen rebel..
    one last time the outlaw dominating..
    one last time..
    ofcourse its never the last time if u have it in u..
    2) Journo Journo Journo (what bout ur BBC ambitions eh!)
    5) REALLY 🙂 LOL
    6) what\’s with yellow ???
    10) well.. umm dont u know it..
    11) once again.. trust me the feel of nineteen is ecstatic.. n who cares bout symmetry of the numbers anyways !!
    12) i kno its not there but still wanted a pop up way of telling u.. im addicted to mappings.. keep going!!

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