Something Beautiful.

There was a time during my exams that only Harry knows about. I was initially planning on telling no-one but what the heck.
It was the night before an important exam. It was the paper I understood best and the one I had the most notes for. And no matter how hard I tried, I couldnt focus.
I sat on my armchair and wished all my favourite TY’s for their Boards. I removed my nailpolish. I applied new nailpolish. I made faces at my curls. I turned my TV up loud. I started getting desperate. I called Harry.
Now Harry is one of those people who always knows when you’re NOT ok, even when you dont know it.
And for some irritating and lovable reason, hes under the firm belief that I am NEVER ok.
Our conversation went something like this:
Harry: You ok?
Kyra: Im ok.
Harry: Youre not ok.
Kyra: How do YOU know that?
Harry: Do you have any Robbie Williams?
Kyra: Harry, this is getting very random.
Harry: Listen to Something Beautiful.
And that was it. After making faces at the phone and spluttering out a few signature Kyra-sounds, I coaxed Mr. Dibble into finding me all the Robbie Williams I had. Mr Dibble, the moody darling that he is, realised that this was an emergency, and he found it for me. I put off the TV and put on my night-light. I sat on my arm-chair and I listened.
And I listened again.
And again.
And one more time.
And a few more times after that.
I still wasnt very focused. But I took a long bubble bath and sat up all night studying wearing my happy yellow chappals all the while. I wasnt happy.
But I was at peace.
And peace is something I have very little of.
Its something I value even more than joy.
Or even Forever for that matter.
The exam?
There was a compulsory 14-mark question comprising of the one topic I hadnt studied.
It didnt matter.
I had something beautiful coming my way.
To My Harry
for making our friendship so wonderfully boring.

8 thoughts on “Something Beautiful.

  1. It was Media Studies – stupid Soni\’s paper =D
    Ive failed!
    I didnt know shit about the 14 marks qs, so I faffed. And she told me with a sickly sweet smile that she wants "theoretical answers with a personalised introduction and conclusion"
    Hello, KT!

  2. Bollocks.Soni can\’t fail you for two pertinent points. Firstly a "theoretical answer" as suggested by it\’s name, has no basis in fact, something Media Studies relies very heavily on. And if you didn\’t know what to write, I\’m sure you drew up (faffed) points that you felt were right. In other words "personalised points"Secondly, Soni herself, possesses the intellectual range of most chipmunks. They keep going for the nuts. No pun intended.

  3. See now the points YOU made, were the points I made when I spoke to her. She said:
    Im sorry dear, (dear?!) most of your class has already failed Culture Studies because you didnt follow instructions. ie: no theoretical answers and no personalised "creative" introduction and conclusion.
    1) by theoretical answer she means mug up the handouts she prints out from online.
    2) in a 12 mark question shes allocating 3 marks for a "personalised creative intro and conclusion" which she never told us to give. she just kept saying "theory theory theory!". so the max marks we can get in a qs is 9, which is almost impossible in a humanities subject anyway.
    So yea, most of us already HAVE failed.
    I knew we should have done something to her on the IV.

  4. Take this up with Sudhakar. I\’d hate to say it, but if that\’s what your classes were like every day with Soni, maybe you guys would be better off with Reena. Granted, you\’d still fail if you strayed away from feminist perspectives, but at least you might learn something.

  5. Sigh, a few people DID take it up with Sudu. He said he doesnt interfere with how teachers grade papers/projects. He said he reduced HIS exam portion cos\’ he knew Soni was giving us a TON to study but thats going to be the only allowance he\’s willing to make.
    So basically, we\’re screwed 😀
    AND we might have Soni again next sem for either OB or Mass Media Research – most probably the latter.
    Yay, wouldnt you say?

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