Sip the soup.

This morning, i woke up with this urge for soup. I felt this all encompassing need to sit in comfy pj’s, my stripey toe socks in a corner of my room, sipping soup from Penelope (my 5 year old pink bowl with eyes, a nose and the sweetest smile on the planet). i felt that if i did NOT do this, my life would be incomplete in some way, that id be missing out on something wonderful.
So here I am. Having soup.
Sip. Slurp. Sip.
You can see that college and living alone has made me quite the freak.
For the first time in a long time – i feel at peace. Maybe its the soup. Who knows? I look around at my room, see colour pencils, papers and newspaper clippings strewn all over the floor. The chaos and the mess would make most shudder. Not me! No siree. It gives me a sense of satisfaction, i feel a defining sense of self. I feel productive. Not that im doing much, but whos noticing?
Yesterday I had a conversation with one of my oldest, most perfect of friends and I had one of my rare philosophical moments.
Life is a bookshelf. Now there was a theory behind that. Which I seem to have forgotten. Hm. Ill get back to that.
Someone asked me to name 6 of my happiest moments.
1) When I collected all 8 books of the Anne of Green Gables series from all parts of the world.
2) When I realised I could study Literature, and Id be graded for reading books.
3) When I got into BMM – Bachelors of Mass Media for the uninitiated.
4) When Diya came to Bombay for my 17th bday, and my parents came to Bombay for my 18th bday.
5) When we had the first date at Chocolate Lounge and I knew – well, im not going to say what! Thats redundant.
6) When Zoya, Vijayeta and I sat at Bandstand singing cheesy pop songs – and then went and had cake.
I have urges to do all kinds of things. I want to sit at Starbucks, order a tall caramel macchiato and lose myself in The Art of Looking Sideways. I want to lie on the beach, listening to The Cranberries and reading Pride & Prejudice for perhaps the 100th time. I want to sit in a comfy corner and have soup – ok no. Im already doing that. I want to sit any random somewhere and have random conversation with Diya. I want to sit cross-legged on my sofa in garishly orange shorts and work on A Summer of Story-telling. I want to suck a pencil and stare into space and fool people into thinking, im having intelligent thoughts when im REALLY wondering if I should have another cup of tea. Oh and I want purple hair. Well not all of it, just maybe some of it. I want to find the perfect pair of red shoes, and to buy the blue "it looks like my mommy!" Starbucks mug. I want to people watch somewhere where there are a lot of people.
Ah, peace. Isnt it just the most adorable blessed thing? After months and blogs of cribbing and crying, its such a – holiday! Its a Goa away from rain. Or um, a chocolate chip cookie away from spinach. Blech.
I guess sometimes, you just gotta wake up and sip the soup.

2 thoughts on “Sip the soup.

  1. awwwww hunnny i misss you youre such a beatiful writer ……i wish you were here to give me advise and encourage me i seriously miss you soo much ..

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