its been awhile

and has anything changed?
Ive lost friends. Friends I loved before. Oddly, this makes me more popular. Is loneliness the "New Thing"? It makes one wonder.
"Youre the new class celebrity. Thats why they hoot and whistle for you and just sit and stare when WE come on stage"
"I just talk to people"
"No. You talk to EVERYONE. and you know the right things to say"
Its funny how Im happier and better liked when I have fewer "friends". When I lost The Awesome Foursome, otherwise known as Couple Central, I mourned. I tried to make it work and i tried some more. Thats when my S&S (the two I didnt lose) made me realise. Maybe it isnt worth it. What IS worth is broadening my horizons. And perhaps realising that there 60 other people in the class. Whom i might like if i spoke to them. I love Couple Central but maybe we werent the kindred spirits I thought we were. Out of the 7, 4 have become Couple Central and me and the S&S are the adventurers. We seek new people, while taking solace in each other. Hey, im the WingBabe. What else can I say?
I have learned to cook. COOK cook. Not just re-heating take out. Ha. Now I can wash clothes, iron AND cook. If all else fails, I can always make it as a domestic. Or as a therapist. But Id need a really nice couch and I cant afford one right now. Not when Im eyeing a TV AND a Printer. Tsk. I ‘suddenly realised’ my needs – or wants – have suddenly become more and more expensive. I never realised how expensive living was. When I started cooking, i learnt how much you NEED. My God, the basics are never-ending. And being Indian, I cannot be content with just butter and salt. I think longingly of my well-stocked kitched in Abu Dhabi. Ah, the good times. I think of Mom’s printer, the nice cozy TV, the big orange bucket that Id dump clothes in, that would find their way on my sofa neatly ironed that same week. Wow. Did I actually have a mother who would wake me up and force feed me breakfast and milk? I now have a screechy alarm clock and an insane sweety of a flatmate who wakes up at 5am to jog for reasons known only to herself – who will make sure that my big box of Kellogg’s is NOT neglected. I also have a loyal cab driver who will wait for me faithfully and will drive at a speed depending on whether i run to him and jump into the cab OR whether i stroll to him, nodding my head to the iPod that cant be seen so I look like a lunatic. I am typing this on the insane sweety of a flatmate’s laptop. Mr Dibble is a darling and all, but his owner (me, for the uninitiated), is unwilling to get him acquainted with the cyber world just yet.
I love writing. I miss Mappings. My Mappings. Let us a moment of silence for my Mappings.
Ok thats enough.
It is time for me to go back to my Marketing Project and the fascinating and demanding world of Kotler.
I shall be back soon. The last time i said that was a month ago, but oh well. Lets try.
And apparently, a lot HAS changed.

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