Woohoo to Kolhaps and Fab.

I remember a time when I thought of saving up for Louis Vuitton and Manolo’s. Now all I can think of that time is "ugh, what a spoiled superficial biatch i must have been. how did i tolerate MYSELF?"
I saw someone a few days ago. She was dressed in Mango and Prada and Louis Vuitton. In the past,I would have sighed in envy. Instead I looked at myself. I saw me clad from head to toe in Fabindia. I saw a nose ring glinting in my nose, beat up and much loved Kolhapuri chappals on my feet, clutching clipboards and folders of handmade paper. I looked like i had a purpose, a mission. Whats even better? I actually did.
I sit in my college canteen now, with people lacking in brand knowledge and the inside scoop in haute couture. I sit drinking coffee with them worth Rs 5, talking about the world and our ambitions and its such a contrast. To when I would sipping at Mocha and then go and drool at Louis Vuitton. I still LV is the greatest. But i can think of better things to do with my money. I can think of better things to dream of, to wish for.
I do accounts now, i save, for two consecutive days i have actually washed my own clothes (this is the time for a collective gasp), i collect money for underprivileged children, i actually play with those children, buy books and toys for them. I write papers on social justice and stratification. I communicate and keep in touch with my family without it being a burden. it is no longer something i have to do. i want to do it now.
People have asked me, "ok what would you do with your money now then, what would your indulgences be?"
I would buy a few more pair of chaps, walking through villages need shoes. I would invest in yet another pair of jeans. somehow i dont think a mass media student with the climbing yucky mountains and going trekking can have too many jeans. i would buy a book, maybe if im feeling particularly spendthrifty, i might buy a CD!
I love Louis, I love Manolo…i still love them. But they dont seem to have a place in my world now. They appear incongruous in what i have become. Instead, Id like a pair of new Kolhapuri chaps and a new folder of handmade paper. Woo hoo and amen to that.

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