reality check

there comes a time in a persons life, when you come to terms with whats truly important. not just to other people, but whats important to you, for you.
family, thats important. trust, thats important. ambition, thats important.
i was on the teetering edge of losing it all.
was it worth it? a lot of alone time in a hospital bed left much room for contemplation.
it wasnt worth it.
love, desire, youth, anger, insanity – i let it all take over and consume me and now hatred and disbelief is consuming me…for myself.
when i think about it, my life was pretty perfect.
it still is, but i was frighteningly close to losing everything that was the ‘p’ and the ‘t’ in perfect. erfec doesnt make much sense. no sense actually.
i am stronger and smarter now. smarter, much smarter. focused again? hell yea.
there are two words that will sum up this blog and my current mental determination.
Priorites and Clarity.

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